Parque de Cabo Mayor

Don't just stick to beaches and museums on your Santander holidays; walk along Avenida del Faro where you'll stumble upon one of the greenest and prettiest spots on the Spanish coast: Parque de Cabo Mayor (or Greater Cape Park). The Parque, which is near the shores of El Sardinero, is ideal for a romantic stroll; all 100,000 square meters of it allow you to breathe in the salty sea air. Ready to go exploring? Strange wonders nearby include the Devil's Bridge (Puente del Diablo) and the Englishman's Pantheon (Panteón del Inglés).

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Another sight to behold is the lighthouse, or Faro de Cabo Mayor, which stands at 30 metres; its light stretches 29 miles into the sea. More than a century old, it's an octagonal structure with a round stone tower, with a moss-coloured lantern roof. A scary fact: at the time of the Spanish Civil War, prisoners were thrown off the cliffs of Cabo Mayor; this is why a monument was erected close to the lighthouse.

The best time to come to Parque de Cabo Mayor is in August, when the Romería Montañesa del Faro (Pilgrimage to the Lighthouse) is celebrated on the 31st; activities such as dancing, singing, and sports competitions are featured. Local delicacies are another highlight in the festivities.

There's also a camping area within the vicinity so you can fully enjoy nature; a grocery store, a restaurant, and a sidewalk cafe are available for your convenience. Tired from all that travelling? Spend a night in one of the bungalows for rent. You can even take a dip in the swimming pool!

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