A guide to parking at Shannon airport

Shannon airport is Ireland's third largest and busiest airport, servicing 1,750,000 last year. Like any airport adequate parking facilities are crucial to the successful flow of passengers to and from the airport. The following is a short summary of my thoughts on parking at Shannon airport.

The airport and its car park are accessible easily from all major cities. Dublin from the the N7, Clare/Galway/Limerick/Cork from the N18 and Waterford from the N24. Shannon Airport offers short term (less than 24 hours) and long-term car parking. For long term stays 24 hours will cost you €9,50 but a special weekly rate of €47,50 is also available. I found the daily rate quite pricey as Dublin airports rate is only €5,50 when booked online. Short term parking charges range from €1,50 for a fifteen minute stay to €12,50 for a twelve to twenty four hour stay. As you would expect there is also a set down area in front of the main terminal building. For those travelling with disabled passengers there is also spaces at the front of the short term car park. For those who may find long term rates a bit pricey, one option is to park in one of the nearby hotel/pub car parks. Of course the owner leaves their car there at their own risk whereas Shannon’s facility is regularly patrolled by airport police.

Overall then an adequate car park which serves its purpose well and posesses excellent disabled facilities. Parking at Shannon airport can be quite dear though compared to the supposedly more expensive capital city of Dublin.


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