Magnificent Parkdean Holidays 2011

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Are you thinking of taking a holiday in 2011 within the UK? Before you decide on who to book with and where you are going you would be well advised to check out Parkdean Holidays 2011.

Parkdean holidays are a UK focused company operating as a self-catering holiday park operator. With 24 excellent parks from which to choose from situated in all corners of the UK you will be spoilt for choice. Another reason to book with Parkdean Holidays is the unbeatable deals they have on offer at the minute.

Check out this price they have on offer for a four night stay in a beautiful part of the UK which is the Devon Countryside. Your stay will be at the Torquay Holiday Park in the Totnes apartments and is available for £164 for June. Other dates are available on request if June is not when you are planning on going. Take in the beautiful Devon Countryside with its stunning scenery, promenades, beaches and many more it really is a place that you should treat yourself to seeing.

If Devon is not your cup of tea maybe this other Holiday park in Scotland might be right up your street. Wemyss Bay Holiday Park in Scotland would be a great choice for your holiday. Boasting great views, indoor pools, restaurants and bars and also great walking ares where you can take in the wonderful west coast of Scotland. You can buy this trip today also for £164 for a four day stay.

I am sure you will agree that they are good deals that I mentioned. To view these deals and plenty more log on to www.parkdeanholidays.co.uk or you can get in touch by phone on 0844 335 3450.

So if Parkdean holidays 2011 is the place for you log on or phone today before these amazing deals are snapped up.




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