Finding a Cheap Park Holiday in the UK

Holiday parks have long been one of the favourite holiday types in the UK. A cheap alternative to flying abroad, especially when you are going on holiday with the whole family or a large group of friends, a park holiday can be every bit as enjoyable.

There are literally hundreds of holiday parks around the country, so you'll likely find yourself thoroughly spoiled for choice unless you have a particular company in mind to book your holiday with. You can find a directory of most of the holiday parks in the UK at ukparks.com, but again, you will probably find yourself too spoiled for choice.

Haven.com is home to one of the better known holiday park companies in the UK. With prices starting at £449 for a week-long break in the end of the summer, it is also easy to book online and take advantage of the various web-exclusive deals on offer. If you book a park holiday through Haven, you will have a choice of six to eight-bed holiday home caravans, making it a very economical holiday for larger groups of people.

Park-resorts.com is home to a dozens of holiday parks around the UK, with prices starting at around £369 for a seven-day holiday in the UK. Short breaks of three days are available from around £100. Prices continue to drop steadily from the end of August. If the weather is still good, September can be the very best time of year to grab a bargain park holiday in the UK.

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