Paris Weekend Getaways

Can a Paris weekend satisfy an urge to explore the city? Some websites boast that a loose itinerary can offer exploration of classic Paris in a single weekend, such as outlined on http://en.parisinfo.com/. For a drive from Paris, http://parisweekendbreak.net offers car, hotel and flight bundle packages to save spending money for the city.

Where to go first?

Paris is a big city and has something to offer everyone. For the artist, holidays in Paris can be a very rewarding and inspirational journey. There are museums with permanent and temporary exhibits to satisfy the toughest art critic or a family on the go. The unique shopping atmosphere will entice even the most fickle shopper to open their wallets to add a little unique Paris flare to their wardrobes. A lively jazz scene also reaches out to entertain in one of the city’s many clubs or bars.

How can I get there?

Depending on the budget, and the occasion, Paris city has a great deal to offer. Several websites boast having the cheapest weekend getaways to Paris to fit your busy schedule. Charles de Gaulle International Airport is only an hour flight from London, providing much left over time to visit your favorite or new hot spots. This airport also offers international flights from North America. The city’s underground train network can then take you anywhere you may need quickly and securely.

Whatever the desire or the budget, a Paris weekend is an exciting adventure you can return to time and time again.

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