What to expect in the 2012 Paris motor show

Paris motor show

Known as the City of Love, Paris never ceases to amaze. The Paris motor show offers a romantic getaway for car enthusiasts in love with machines. It prides in unveiling the crème de la crème of the latest automobiles to millions of car enthusiasts around the globe.

The biennial event held around October at Porte de Versailles pioneered in 1898 and has since been a craving for many. The latest edition was held between 2-7 October in 2010, while the next edition is slated for 29 September to 14 October 2012. It was characterised by a sense of optimism, especially through the augmentation of fun performance cars with a sense of environmental responsibility. The British-made Lotus especially had a successful launch of the Bentley and Evoque Range Rover. Other makers such as Renault, Citroen and Peugeot also enjoyed their outings.

The current prices for adults are 12 € while those aged between 10-18 years pay 6 €, groups of up to 15 people pay 10 €, while it is free for children below 10 years. Visit the mondialautomobile.com website to purchase the tickets online.

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The next Paris motor show is a must visit if the thrill of new cars or enthralling vintage classics entices you. The 2010 motor showcase mainly involved electric cars with zero emission and this case is likely to continue in the next motor show, which promises an array of innovations that will be hard to miss.

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