Ideas for Paris Coach Trips

Whether you want a romantic weekend break with your partner or you want a fun trip with the family, Paris coach trips are definitely worth your consideration. A lot of the time, the cost to travel by coach is less than booking any other way.

To start with, Paris coach trips are often all-inclusive. That means your travel, flights and some excursion costs are included within the price that you pay. This helps you cut down on the cost while you’re away. Of course, this does depend on the company that you go through and whether there are optional excursions to choose.

National Holidays is able to offer a variety of coach trips to Paris, including a Disneyland Paris package. The price includes a 2 day pass to the Disneyland resort, and you can choose whether you want to visit the main resort or take a trip to the Walt Disney Studios – you can use it for both if you want. The trip also includes all your travel and three nights stay, with breakfast, in a Disney hotel.

If you are looking for a romantic city break, Gold Crest Holidays has exactly what you want. The prices start from £109, depending on when you travel, but the cost does cover your hotel and travel. You’ll stay for three, four or five nights – your choice – and can spend as much time seeing the sights as you want.

Many coach holidays offer you more time to yourself and the chance to see what you want, which is just like booking your own holiday. However, there are also some that will set an itinery for you, which is something that a lot of people ask for to make sure they definitely see everything there is in Paris.

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