Paris by Vespa, Va-Va-Vroom

Driving in Paris is famously difficult, but on a Vespa you can nip down the back streets of Montmartre, weave through the traffic of the Champs-Élysées, or zip away to the Palace of Versailles while looking so cool you’ll avoid ‘you’re obviously a tourist’ looks from fashionable Parisians.

Left Bank Scooters is a new operator hiring the gorgeous new LXV model - in mint green and with a maroon seat, très jolie! as well as giving Vespa tours of the main sites.

They deliver the scooters straight to your hotel and provide tips on how to navigate the infamous Parisian traffic. They also throw in free waterproof clothing in case it rains...which it will of course, though this may threaten your très chic look.

Take a look at the leftbankscooters.com for more information. Prices start from €80 per 24 hours, or €130pp including a 2½ hour tour. You must be over 20 and have held a driving licence for two years. Another prerequisite is that you have to be able to look cool on a Vespa!

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