Paradise within a Paradise: Nicoya Peninsula in Costa Rica

Tourists looking for the legendary el dorado (“the city of gold”) on their Costa Rica holidays might find it in the secluded peninsula surrounded by striking beaches and dramatic sceneries — Nicoya Peninsula.

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Nicoya Peninsula is the largest peninsula in Costa Rica, located along the country’s North Pacific Coast. Separated from Costa Rica’s mainland by the Gulf of Nicoya, it is a popular tourist attraction teeming with magnificent beaches, diverse wildlife, lush forests, fascinating rural towns, and posh hotels.

Playa Tambor sits in the valley of a horseshoe-shaped bay called the Bahia Ballena (“whale bay”), a palm-fringed beach with shallow waters ideal for kids. The Curu Wildlife Reserve is an eco-tourist haven with abundant mangrove swamps and rare creatures such as laughing hawks, ocelots, margay cats, and howler and capuchin monkeys. Various hiking trails offer breathtaking views of Tambor, and are excellent vantage points from which to view other species including squirrel monkeys and spider monkeys.

The Hotel Playa Tambor, with its casino and golf course, welcomes tourists to an entertainment dreamland amidst forested hills and bright, blue waters. Islas Tortugas, a tropical paradise located across Playa Tambor entices visitors with its allure.

Santa Teresa, another town in Nicoya Peninsula famous for its big waves, is a surfing paradise. From a small fisherman village, Santa Teresa has grown to be a hub of surfer-oriented hotels and various water sports and activities such as fishing, kite surfing, snorkelling, sunset boat tours, and canopy tours. Costa Rican beach parties are legendary for their “Baile” atmosphere and house, hip-hop, and ambient music.

Other places to see in the Nicoya Peninsula are the Cabo Blanco Nature Reserve, Gulf of Nicoya, and the celebrated Town of Tamarindo.

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