See the classical heritage of Cyprus with Paphos flights

Paphos flights

For beautiful beaches and stunning archaeological remains, it would be hard to find a better destination than Paphos. Flights with Easyjet from 5 UK airports take you to the Cyprus town.

Easyjet (www.Easyjet.com) has flights to Paphos from Bristol, Edinburgh, London Gatwick, London Luton and Manchester. Fares start at £31.99 each way including taxes. If you factor in baggage charges and credit card fees, you can still find a round trip fare for around £75.

Make sure you see the beautiful mosaics at the Kato Paphos Archaeological Park, the centre pieces of the 4 ruined Roman villas. The ruins and the nearby Tomb of the Kings have UNESCO World Heritage status and are among the most important classical sites in the Eastern Mediterranean.

The complex includes other important monuments, such as the Asklipieion, the Odeion, the Agora, and an early Christian Basilica. The heat can be oppressive, and there isn't much shade, so take water and a sun hat.

Beaches around Paphos can get crowded in summer, but offer excellent facilities for water-sports and sunbathing. Try Alykes Beach in the main tourist area, with plenty of nearby cafes and restaurants, or Coral Bay.

The Paphos castle is worth a visit. Originally a Byzantine fort, it passed through the hands of the Venetians and the Ottomans and used by turn as a prison and as a storage warehouse under British occupation.

For further information on the area, and details on other attractions to explore on Cyprus, including any updates on Paphos flights, check www.visitpafos.org.cy.

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