Packages for the Skint, and the not so Skint

For those with a lighter wallet, there’s no better deal to be had than 5 Club Med, Morocco.

Budgeting is only part of the appeal of the all-in specialist Club Med. On top of that is the range of activities laid on, from water sports to horse riding, tennis to quad biking. Its kids’ clubs offer age-appropriate activities, including for under-twos, so that parents of even the youngest tots can get in on the act.

Sunway has a week at Club Med in Morocco in July from €999 per adult, falling to €838 for teens and €480 for under-11s. Under-twos go free, look at the sunway website for more details.

With a few extra quids stashed under the mattress you could give Spain a miss and try the Bella Italia Hotel, Italy.

The area around Lake Garda is Italy’s theme park HQ, being peppered with water parks, safari parks and Gardaland (the Italian Disney).

Pedal boats can be hired, too, but for teens with a serious interest in water sports, or interested in learning, cross the lake to the more picturesque northern shore, which has established itself as a water-sports and windsurfing centre.

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