Great package holidays when travelling from the UK

Package holidays in the UK

When looking for package holidays you have the whole world available to choose from, which can often make coming to a decision surprisingly hard, that's why we've put together some handy ideas to get you started.

'First Choice' is a popular company for package holidays from the UK, and they have some great packages available. For example they offer a 'Premier' selection of holidays with prices from just £165. This selection is focused on all the little details which make a holiday stand out, such as great views from your accommodation, good service and delicious food. Their premier selection is split between 'Premier Luxury' which offers stunning four and five star hotels, 'Premier Family' which packs in activities for even the youngest holiday goers, and 'Premier Couples' which will send you to romantic adults only hotels. This is just one of many great ideas First Choice have come up with, so for a full rundown of everything they have to offer head over to firstchoice.co.uk.

If price is an issue then 'My Travel' may be just what you're looking for, with ludicrously low prices (some of the hotels they book are available from just £2 per person per night!), last minute offers and even bigger discounts for groups they're one of the cheapest companies that you'll find for booking package holidays with, just don't expect the luxury of a 'First Choice' premier resort. You can find their latest deals and make a booking at mytravel.co.uk

Between these two sites you should have everything you need to get you started on finding a budget or luxury package holiday as well as everything in between.

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