The best companies offering package holidays to Turkey

Fancy doing a bit of sunbathing on a sun kissed Turkish beach this summer? Turkey is gaining a glowing reputation as one of the best places to hit for a bit of summer sun, and prices are constantly coming down across the board for holidays here. In this blog we will be aiming to help you snag a sweet deal as we check out package holidays to Turkey and the companies offering the best deal on them.

Turkey may be a four hour flight from the Uk, but it is one of the cheapest places to holiday out there. If you look in the right places, a week can be secured for around the £200 mark without too much fuss. We recommend making Thomson your first port of call at www.thomson.co.uk thanks to the fact they fly directly from a host of UK airports, and they offer the cheapest packages in our opinion. Check their last minute section regularly to find yourself deals in the £200 region.

Another UK travel company that is hugely impressive when it comes to Turkey holidays is the Co-Op and we recommend checking out their site at www.co-opholidays.co.uk/. The Co-Op check out all of the deals on offer from the various package providers before providing you with the cheapest possible quote. They are the UK's largest independent travel company, and they are well worth checking out.

A final company that offer hugely impressive deals is Monarch, and you can check out their selection of flight and package deals at www.monarch.co.uk. Monarch fly daily from a host of UK airports, so they offer a huge amount of choice.

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