current package holidays to france: better than 2010

Introducing great package holidays to France

Package holidays to France in 2010 offered some excellent opportunities. But this year has some even better deals, even as summer slowly slips us by.

France is an ideal location for so many reasons. It’s our closest European neighbour, easily accessible from the south east by ferry, via the Euro Tunnel, or from a host of airports. In a matter of hours you can find yourself heading into the rustic delights of Normandy or Brittany, or making for Paris, one of the world’s most enigmatic cities.

Current package holiday deals

Holiday Holiday Holiday (www.holidayholidayholiday.co.uk) is a great site for tracking down your French package holiday, with three quite different but equally exciting locations on offer. You can travel to Paris, the Riviera city of Nice, or the island of Corsica in the Mediterranean.

Co-operative Travel (www.co-operativetravel.co.uk) are offering some enticing deals for Paris breaks, building on the success of their package holidays to France in 2010. With prices varying according to the departure point, two nights at the Paris Jardins de Paris Nation Bercy are available for £145 per adult, departing Liverpool, March 2012.

Similar prices are available for stays at various Paris hotels, for package holidays leaving from Luton, Bristol and Newcastle.

If you’d rather escape the bustle of the larger French cities, Corsican Places (www.corsica.co.uk) give an in-depth snapshot of what to expect when booking a break on this scenic island.

Further information is also available at Corsican package holidays.

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