Great package holidays to Croatia from Ireland

An increasing number of holiday companies are now offering package holidays to Croatia from Ireland. Sunway and Crystal are two tour operators which feature Croatian package holidays from Ireland. Sunway packages can be booked online at sunway.ie, or by phoning 00353 1 231 1800. Call 00353 1 433 1080, visit crystalsummer.ie or visit your local travel agent to book a Crystal package holiday to Croatia from Ireland.

Crystal has package deals to Opatija and Lovran in the wonderful Kvarner region. This region has a very mild climate, being protected from harsh winds by the mountain range running from Vojak on Mount Ucka in the northwest to Gorski Kotar in the east and the Velebit range in the southeast.

Opatija is one of Croatia's most spectacular sights. The forested hills slope down to the sparkling sea with the peak of Vojak clearly visible to the west of this resort. There are many high class restaurants such as Bevanda in the area.

Walking is very popular around Opatija. Don't miss the Lungomare. This is the celebrated shady promenade that winds along the sea for 12 kilometres from Lovran to Volosko via the small villages of Icici and Ika. It is lined with plush villas and many gardens and along the way there are many rocky outcrops where one can jump into the crystal clear waters for a swim.

Preluk is a naturally protected bay near Opatija  ideally suited to windsurfing. Many boat trips can also be enjoyed to the nearby islands, for example Cres.

Accommodation is on a half board basis in a choice of very nice hotels in either Opatija or Lovran.

Package holidays to Croatia from Ireland are easy to book and have something to suit all types of holidaymaker.


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