Get Yourself an Escape at the Mediterranean with Package Holidays to Corsica

The beautiful island of Corsica is one of the last unspoilt places of Europe. From emerald-green mountain lakes to impressive pine forests, a trip to Corsica will allow you to discover nature at its best. Here you will find a rich fauna and beautiful flora in the many natural parks of the island. There are 25 water courses running on the island, making it the best irrigated island of the Mediterranean. All these as well as the rich historical heritage of the island make it the perfect destination for your next summer holiday. Here is where you can find some package holidays to Corsica.

Corsica.co.uk offers a variety of package holidays to Corsica. Here you can choose to get accommodation in apartments, hotels or villas on the island and flights from several major airports in the UK. A seven nights’ package at Maison Paraso in La Balagne has prices starting at £ 734 per person. The villa is an old granite house in the Ville di Paraso village. Facilities include microwave, gas oven, fridge and washing machine. This villa is perfect for those who want a quiet escape to Corsica.

At Thomson.co.uk you can book your stay at Casa di L’Aria in Olmeto. The villa has a beautiful garden and terrace and it is located within walking distance from the centre of Olmeto, close to all the restaurants and shops in the area. Olmeto is a tranquil and picturesque town in Corsica, with a friendly community and charming traditions. A holiday here is the ideal way to discover the true spirit of Corsica.

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