A Guide to Buying Package Holidays to Australia and New Zealand

People who are thinking of taking a holiday to Australia or New Zealand should consider getting package holidays to Australia and New Zealand. Package holidays can often save holidaymakers money on both accommodation and airfares.

Before booking package holidays to Australia and New Zealand holidaymakers should be aware that this is not the cheapest way to travel in these countries for singles or couples. Those who are looking for a budget holiday will be better off searching for accommodation and airfare themselves. This is because package deals only include hotel accommodation and flights on full service air carriers. However package deals are often good value for families and groups who are traveling together. It also takes the hassle out of planning the trip and travelers will know their exact route and accommodation options before they leave.

One great place to get some of these packages is the website virginholidays.co.uk. Virgin Holidays organizes many day tours, overnight packages and round the world trips. Many of these trips have both Australia and New Zealand on route. This website has many packages available so there is something that is bound to suit the needs of every traveler.

Another excellent place to get flight and accommodation packages is Austravel.com. This website specializes in travel to Australia, New Zealand and the Pacific Islands. The prices the website quotes are reasonable. As the 26th of July a 7 day trip to Sydney from London cost €1800. Another benefit to using this agency is that they promise to match the price of any cheaper package deal a customer may have a found elsewhere.

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