Companies offering package holidays from Dublin to Crete

Thinking of exploring the delights of Crete for your next holiday? Whether it is scenery of this beautiful island or even the hedonistic party lifestyle, there is likely to be something ofr everyone under the sun in Crete. In this blog, we are going to show you the places you can snare a bargain on package holidays from Dublin to Crete, so lets take a look.

Before we continue, it is worth pointing out that Crete is a hugely popular destination among Leaving Cert holiday youngsters, so it is well worth avoiding the middle of August, as this is when results come out and the island will be flooded with youngsters on their first holiday abroad, not our idea of fun and you will probably agree it is best avoided!

A good starting point if you are looking for a bargain on Crete is with Panorama Holidays, who you can find online at www.panoramaholidays.ie/. Panorama offer a wide range of options for a trip to Crete, these include Last Minute breaks, all inclusive breaks, and even kids go free places. They are offering a week in Crete for around 497 Euro per person during peak season, meaning there are serious bargains to be found!

Another company offering extensive options on their Crete holidays is Falcon at www.falconholidays.ie. Falcon break their Crete package down into individual resorts, and they have a huge section on each in their site. They have an extensive last minute section too, so they are well worth a look!

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