Taking package holidays from Cork?

Package holidays have been around since tourists started travelling around the world and there are now many package holiday offers that fly from Cork to your desired destination, cutting out the need to travel up to Dublin and here are some package holidays from Cork. Our first port of call is Majorca in Spain which has been extremely popular with Irish holiday makers for years. Majorca offers majestic scenery with dramatic clifftops and golden sand beaches. Travel to the lesser seen parts of Majorca and you will experience traditional Spanish markets and fishing villages.

The Hotel Village Villa is in C'an Picafort, Majorca and boasts a giant lagoon swimming pool, beautiful gardens and a splash park for kids which makes it the ideal place to visit for a family holiday. There is nightly entertainment to keep you busy in the evenings and the resort is located just 700 metres from the beach. During the peak season for a two week all inclusive stay falconholidays.ie offer this for £1500.

For somewhere slightly different, try Lanzarote which is just 60 miles from the coast of Africa. The landscape of Lanzarote is breathtaking with lunar rock formations and live volcanos at Fire Mountain and it is a windsurfers dream aswell as year round sun.

Popular with Irish tourists is the Hotel Los Fariones, an elegant hotel with a high standard of comfort and a plethora of amenities to keep the kids busy while you soak up the sun. It has a seafront location and the perfect package holidays from Cork at £1150 per person for a two week half board stay from falconholidays.ie.

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