Where to get the best offers on package holidays from Belfast 2011

If you are getting fed up of the changeable weather in Northern Ireland then maybe it is time you started considering a bit of a foreign getaway? In this blog we are going to show you some of the sites offering a surprising array of package holidays from Belfast 2011, so lets check them out!

Holiday makers from Northern Ireland are spoiled for choice when it comes to holidays. You have the excellent packages available from both Belfast and Dublin to pick from. Despite the favourable exchange rate, it is still much cheaper to travel from Belfast, and the first port of call on your search should be a browse at Travel Supermarket at http://www.travelsupermarket.com. All you have to do is select Belfast from their drop down menu and the full selection of flights from Belfast will pop up, giving you a wide variety of choice!

One Irish company that has branched into Northern Ireland and is well worth a look is Falcon Holidays, and you can check out their full range of Belfast deals at www.falconholidays.co.uk. Falcon offer a wide variety of charter flights from both Belfast and Derry Airports, and they put a massive emphasis on last minute deals, saving you a packet in the process. They fly to 13 different destinations from Northern Ireland, so they should have something you will enjoy!

One company offering a fantastic £100 off every holiday at the moment is Direct Line at www.directline-holidays.co.uk. They may not have the same selection as the two previous sites, but that money off offer is hard to beat!


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