Package Holidays a la Luxury

And the kids, if they like a bit of posh, will be most happy at The Princesa Yaiza Suite Hotel, Lanzarote.

If you thought package holidays always meant cheap and cheerful, think again. This is the gold embossed package, delivered, on a silver platter, care of Jeeves the white-gloved butler.

This one is at a five-star property in Playa Blanca on Lanzarote, everyone’s favourite Canary Island.

Apart from a great location on a blue-flag beach, the main attraction for kids is Kikiland, - which sounds exactly like the sort of place you could lose the kids for a week, and is the hotel’s adventure park, with 10,000sq meters of playground equipment, sports facilities and no fewer than five kids’ pools.

It has a soccer school run by former professional footballers, tennis and squash courts plus child-friendly entertainment nightly. In fact, it is so considerate of parents that, even though there are eight restaurants on site, the family rooms have their own microwaves, so you can heat baby bottles and baby food.

You think this sort of luxury comes cheap? Of course not, what would be the point. A week’s B&B in the first week of July for two adults and two children costs around €4,716 with Topflight, TopFlight, including flights.

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