Treat Yourself with a Package Holiday to New York

Package holiday

If you think about going somewhere special this autumn, New York should be on top of your list. The “Big Apple” is the most vibrant city in the world and you will certainly don’t get bored for a second there. As a trip to New York could sometimes be expensive, especially because of the airline ticket prices, a package holiday could be a good idea for visiting New York without breaking the bank.

You can save on your New York escape by creating your personalized holiday pack at letsgo2.com. On this website, you can build your preferred holiday by mixing flights and hotels according to your preferences. For example, you can get a package that includes return flights from London Heathrow and a week’s accommodation at Holiday Inn Midtown 57th for the total price of £991 per person. This price is available for departures at the end of September and flights are provided by Continental Airlines.

At bestatnewyorkcitybreaks.co.uk you can browse a good selection of New York special holidays offers. A package holiday including return flights from London and 5 nights’ accommodation at the Ameritania 3-star hotel for October will cost you £699 per person. The price includes all taxes and is a great option for those interesting in a great value holiday pack to New York. The Ameritania Hotel is located in the Theatre District of Manhattan and it is conveniently located near some of the most important New York attractions, including Times Square, Rockefeller Plaza, MOMA and Madison Square Garden.

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