How to Get Great Package Deals to Disneyland Paris

No matter how old or young you are, there is going to be something for you to enjoy at Disneyland Paris. Because it’s so popular, there are a number of package deals to Disneyland Paris, where you can gain flights or coach transport along with your hotel stay and tickets into the different theme parks available.

Expedia.co.uk is one of the most popular websites to offer package deals to Disneyland Paris because you get the choice of which Disney hotel to stay in; and there are seven in the Paris resort. Along with that, children under 7 are able to go for free – there are terms and conditions that apply to this.

The deals are available up until November 2011 and include an extra two hours in either the main park or Walt Disney Studios. When booking through Expedia, it’s also possible to choose whether to take the Eurostar or to fly to Paris, which can help many people enjoy their holiday without worrying about doing something that they’re uncomfortable with; not everyone likes to fly or be under water. The prices differ depending on the hotel that you opt for and the way that you travel.

As of July 2011, you could save up to 25% of the cost of travel by booking your trip direct with Disneyland Paris. You will be booking a few months in advance but everything is included, such as your hotel, the food and the tickets into the park. You get to choose how long you will be away for and where you visit.

A trip on November 20th 2011 for two nights with two adults and two children in Disney’s Hotel, Santa Fe will cost £247.50. That includes the 25% discount and will be one of the cheapest options that you find on the Internet.

By staying in the Disney hotels, you and your family get the full Disney experience. You can have breakfast with Mickey Mouse and his team and you’ll be so close to the theme parks that you’ll be able to see them out of your window; there will be no need to worry about how you’re going to get to the park and how long it will take out of your day.

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