Pack your bags and take a February break before the prices go up.

If the Easter break seems like eons away and you’re desperate to get away but you’ve overspent in the sales, a weekend away must seem like the impossible dream. But it needn’t be: it's low season in most European cities right now so air fares and hotel rates are cheap and you get to see the sights without being crowded out by the tourist hoards.

Firstly, choose your destination carefully. A hotel in Tallin, one of this year’s European Capitals of Culture and served by budget airlines Easy Jet and Ryanair, costs around £54 per night compared to £151 in New York, according to www.hotels.com. Dublin is another city where average room rates are low due to its ailing economy. Home to Ryanair, it’s also cheap to fly to, with flights from 13 UK airports, reports the Daily Mail .

And if you fancy a trip across the pond, New York may be beyond your budget but Boston is much more affordable. And bear in mind that Sunday nights in city hotels are often cheaper, popular with neither weekenders nor business people.

Secondly, don’t shun a package break. Booking accommodation with your flights on the British Airways website can save you £80 on a three-night trip for two to Boston at the end of February. Similar save £64 on a Eurostar hotel-train package (www.eurostar.com) to Paris in late February.

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