Looking at P and O ferries from Portsmouth to Caen?

If you were hoping to book with P and O ferries from Portsmouth to Caen, we can understand why. It’s arguably the best known and one of the largest ferry companies around, with an excellent user friendly web site (poferries.co.uk).

However, when it comes to France, the company specializes in the short hop sailing from Dover to Calais, operating an amazing 20 daily crossings. The Dover to Calais route is the shortest from the UK and you can be in France in an hour and a half. Prices start at £80 for a car and driver. Check their website for offers.

You may prefer to stick to your original plan and save driving time by opting for a longer sail to north-west France, especially if you’re planning a holiday in Brittany or heading down the west coast. Award winning Brittany Ferries (brittanyferries.co.uk) has a wide range of longer journey travel options for getting you and your car there.

Brittany Ferries operate daily crossings from Portsmouth to Caen, with  up to 4 sailings per day and a minimum of two. If you’re planning on taking an early October break to France, a return from Portsmouth to Caen sailing on the 5th of October on the Mont St Michel and returning on the 12th costs £124 each way for a passenger and car.

There is also a fast craft option, the Normandie express service, for those in a hurry, or an overnight ferry if you prefer to sleep during the trip. Normal journey time is between 6 hours 45 minutes and seven hours. The early morning express ferry leaves at 7a.m and gets you to Caen at 11.30.

So if you were somewhat disappointed to discover that P and O ferries from Portsmouth to Caen are not available, never fear. You can still take the same route with reputable Brittany Ferries. It’s a great way of travelling to Continental Europe and having your own vehicle with you when you get there. Bon Voyage!

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