Cheap P and O Ferries

P and O Ferry Routes

P and O ferries between England and France run from Dover to Calais only.

This journey, which takes approximately 90 minutes, is recognised as one of the quickest English Channel crossings that ferries can make. As a result, many passengers travel with P and O to capitalise on quick ferry transfers to France.

Both Dover and Calais are well supported by motorways, allowing passengers to easily transport their vehicle across the Channel.

You should note that P and Os other England to Europe routes include travel to Belgium and Holland. If you wish to travel to the North or East of France, you might be able to make your overall journey shorter if you use a different P and O ferry route.

Finding the Best Ferry Fare

Price comparison websites allow P and O ferry passengers to gain a considerable reduction on the cost of their travel.

Finding cheap P and O ferries using comparison websites, such as Ferrysaver.co.uk, Ferrysavers.com or Ferrypricesearch.co.uk, is straightforward.

Enter your time, date and ferry route before ranking the order by way of the ticket price.

Filter your search to only include P and O ferries before ascertaining which of P and O's ferries are cheaper or more convenient for your travel needs.

Other Ways to Save

Budget conscious ferry travellers can make savings in a handful of ways.

Firstly, you should work out if you need to take your vehicle with you to France. If not, you can make a large saving by simply travelling as a walk-on passenger.

Secondly, you can make savings if you are willing to travel at early or late times of day, such as very early in the morning, and on less popular days of the week.

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