What You Can Do on P and O Ferries

There are two ways that people mainly choose from to get to France; the Channel Tunnel or by Ferry. Ferries have been popular for a number of decades because they are so easy to use and one of the leading companies is P and O, often written as PO.

P and O Ferries don’t just offer travel from Dover to France. They also offer travel to Denmark and Ireland, if they are destinations on your list. The travel is daily and will definitely not be affected if anymore volcanoes decide to affect British and European airspace.

You can use the ferries as a foot passenger or when travelling by car and coach. There is an area at the bottom where all vehicles are parked and then you spend your journey above, where you can enjoy relaxing in the bar or shop around the duty free for the best deals on gifts, alcohol and cigarettes.

The ferries also have something for children to do. Around the café and restaurant there is a children’s play area, which is – more often than not – a ball pool. This offers entertainment and a chance for your children to make friends with others for the journey; they won’t want to leave when it’s time to drive off the ship!

The longer ferries, to Rotterdam and Zeebrugge, also have cinemas so you can relax and enjoy some of the latest releases. There are also cabaret shows, which will usually be in the bar area where you can relax with a pint.

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