Getaway with P and 0 Ferries

Pand 0 ferries

P and 0 Ferries boasts the largest fleet of ferries and the most comprehensive route network to Europe. They run regular sailings from the UK to Ireland, France, Belgium and Holland to offer you a real and present alternative to taking a plane.

On their website there is a special offers section that can by accessed by clicking on the 'Offers' tab across the top menu. Here you will gain access to fantastic deals that you will be unable to say no to. One of the most popular deal is the 2 for 1 deal where one person pays and the other goes free. Ferries depart Hull for a 2 night mini cruise to your choice of Rotherdam or Bruges and all for only an unbelievable £72.

Another fantastic offer from P and 0 Ferries is a 5 night trip to Bruges or Rotterdam for one car and 2 passengers for just £149 each way. This price includes all taxes and fees and gives you access to an en suite cabin.

They also run regular day trips to Calais in France from Dover starting at only £25 round trip for a car with up to 9 passengers. You can avail of this amazing prce once you travel at off peak times meaning that you can stay in France for as long as you wish just so long as you return at an off peak time also.

You can find out more and book your trip with P and 0 Ferries at www.poferries.com/. Enjoy your trip and happy sailing!

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