Oz's best beach bums?

Bondi and Coogee beaches may be your thing if you're a 20 something first time abroad pasty faced gap year student without the knowledge of how to use suncream - the result; marauding drunken Brits on tour, tetanus shot after slicing your foot on discarded rusted beer cans and lots of sand in your sunburnt face.

For the more quaint 30 somethings and yummy mummies on tour, then it's the ferry across to Manly Beach for a Sunday stroll, a sweet surf and more up-class drinking dens and eateries than you can shake your speedos at - ask about The Spit, a local nudey beach.

A short drive up the coast and you're into serious surfing territory, along Narrabeen, Collaroy and Dee Why beaches - the latter is where Home and Away is filmed and where Russell Crowe has one of his pads - but don't make that keep you away....

Oh, and some essential terms - speedos are Budgie Smugglers, your surfboard is your 'Stick' and everybody is your maaaaaate.

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