The best of the low-cost Oxford hotels

As far as Oxford hotels go there are a huge range of high quality low-priced hotels to choose from. Why pay through the nose for a weekend trip though? There are so many good low-cost hotels available in Oxford it would be crazy to pay more than is necessary.

Situated in the heart of Oxford is the Victoria House Hotel. This is an example of a great low-cost hotel that still maintains high standards. This is a great way to ensure that you have a decent stay and keep an extra few quid in your pockets.

A double room starts for as little as £70 and there are loads of options to upgrade or cut an extra bit off if you need to. The rooms are perfect as a weekend stopover hotel. They are spacious and comfortable with wireless internet, a television and an en-suite. There is also tea and coffee making facilities as well as room service so everything is covered.

There may not be many on-site facilities but you are in such a great location that you will find it very easy to find everything you are looking for within walking distance. From restaurants to bars they are all just minutes away.

The Victoria House Hotel is the perfect example of a low cost high quality hotel. It doesn't have to cost a fortune to be a good hotel so be sure to check them out. Hit up their website and see exactly what's on offer.

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