Something different with Owners Direct villas

Owners Direct villas

With over 37,000 distinct villas listed on their popular website, Owners Direct are one of the very best options for securing a holiday rental. In just about any corner of the globe there are villas available to rent, with pools, in the country, by the sea, even in the heart of the city. With so much on offer Owners Direct are one of the leading providers of rental properties for those seeking something a bit different. Here is a look at the best Owners Direct Villas on the market right now.

A cottage in Molini di Triora in Italy is great for those wanting peace and quiet high up in the hills of Liguria. Not far from bustling Genoa, this stunning 3 storey house offers 2 bedrooms sleeping up to four adults, as well as DVD player and satellite television. The house can be rented from as little as £350 a week in the off-season, though if you are aiming to bring up to four people, it will cost £395.

The breathtaking Auvergne region in France is another destination that is ideal for those seeking rental villas. A 'gite' in Junhac can be rented from as little as €450 per week. The gite features al fresco dining, a pool, large windows and a modern interior style.

Other websites where you can find great villas include the likes of Holiday Rentals and Sun Seekers. If you need a place to stay in Europe, and beyond, this year, make sure to give Owners Direct villas a look for cheap prices, character and great destinations.

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