Finding Accommodation with Owners Direct in France

Owners Direct France

Owners Direct is a web-based company where you can find a variety of accommodation options in countries all over the world. Owners Direct in France offers hundreds of options in cities and towns all over the country, making it one of the best places to book accommodation for your holiday.

Owners Direct allows you to book accommodation online, taking advantage of special offers and web-exclusive deals. You can also read reviews of particular places to stay, giving you a more secure idea of which place is most suitable for planning a stress-free and straightforward holiday. They offer a range of options including apartments, villas and the classic French Gites.

With hundreds of idyllic little cottages available in the countryside as well as luxury apartments in cities all over the country, Owners Direct in France has plenty to choose from. Prices vary considerably, but in some cases you can even negotiate directly with the owner to get a better deal, depending on your circumstances.

In various small villages around Brittany, for example, there are many cottages available in idyllic surroundings with all of the comforts that you could expect. Prices start at around €300 per week, although longer breaks are often negotiable if you contact the owner directly.

If you prefer the big city, there are also plenty of options available. Paris, for example, is an expensive city, but with upwards of 78 properties to choose from, you should be able to find something suitable. €90 per night for a comfortable one-bedroom apartment in a good part of Paris is fairly standard, with weekly prices starting at around €500.

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