Out of Africa: embark on a Safari experience.

If the winter is starting to seem never ending and you’re suffering from the cold short days, why not head south to warmer climes and go on an African safari? Perhaps Kenya and Tanzania are the most obvious safari destinations but lesser-explored Namibia can make a great alternative for those into ecotourism. The opportunity to view the country’s extensive wild life attracts over a million tourists a year.

There are a number of eco- lodges on offer, but one of the best, open since 2008, is the secluded Onkoshi camp (www.namibian.org/travel/lodging/onkoshi_camp.html), which has elevated chalets under a thatched roof complete with an infinity pool overlooking the Etosha Pan, reports the Daily Mail. The panoramic views are spectacular. Designed to be environmentally friendly, the camp uses mainly solar power with generator backup. Situated inside the Etosha National Park, it’s well away from the Park’s tourist routes, offering a unique, away-from-it-all experience.

Activities offered from Onkoshi Camp include guided game drives and guided walks. The camp provides access to exclusive areas within the north-eastern sandveld area of Etosha which are not normally open to visitors. From the game park, take a trip to explore massive sand dunes, amazing deserts and the Skeleton Coast, so called because of the high number of shipwrecks found there over the years.

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