Out and about in Paris for students

Students visiting Paris may find that while it a beautiful city to live in, it is extremely expensive as well. Thankfully there are many events and activities that can be done without a lot of cash. Students looking for completely free things to do can head to Cimietiere Pere Lachaise and visit various famous graves such as Jim Morrison, Chopin, Oscar Wilde and others. Walking through Tuileries, Luxembourg Garden or Jardin des Plantes are also free to enter and enjoy at your leisure.

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Throughout the summer there are free movies that are shown at Parc de la Vilette where you can stretch your legs on 86 acres of green beauty. You can get to Parc de la Vilette by taking the Line 5 to Porte de Pantin and enjoy the street art scattered throughout this cute Paris suburb. The famous Louvre museum can also be visited for free on Friday nights for anybody under 26. Museum Carnavalet, a history of museum, and Cognacq Jay that shows 18th century art are both in Marais and can be visited for free as well.

College standard local cuisine can be enjoyed without having to dish out too much money also. There are student cafeterias known as CROUS restaurants that are located on University campuses for around £2.50. Or head to the chain, Flunch where you can get a full meal and drink for £5. For those that would rather cook, head to the local food market and pick up fresh produce if you have somewhere to cook a meal yourself. Rue Des Martyrs on Market Street is a great place to pick up fresh fruit and cheese.

Having a great nightlife and taking a break from the books is also important for many students. Find a copy of Lylo and Pariscope to keep up to date with live music events coming up. Bastille has small bars and lounges that tend to have a great atmosphere and you will usually encounter a fine mix of locals, students and tourists mingling. It also helps that drinks tend to be cheaper here than in the Latin Quarter.

The public transportation system in Paris is buzzing. Between the metro underground, night busses and RER regional train services, the streets are always alive with the sounds of the city. For students that will be using public transportation a lot throughout their stay, it is a good idea to purchase a Carte Imagin-R card. This card gives passenger unlimited travel into zones 1 and 2 for €35 per month.

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