Barbados Holidays can be done on a budget!

Barbados is one of the happiest, most relaxing places in the world, where both visitors and locals enjoy a relaxed and enjoyable way of life. On a visit to Barbados you will discover delicious cuisine, clear blue waters, golden sunsets and flawless sandy beaches.

So, if you fancy a trip to the Caribbean where you can sample a new way of life, then check out some of these fantastic all inclusive packages:

  • Virgin Holidays

    Virgin Holidays are offering an all-inclusive Barbados holiday at the Waves, West Coast Hotel. This is the perfect location to practice snorkelling in the nearby waters or any other included water activity. Guests will also benefit from a fantastic spa which offers two free spa treatments to guests over 16 years of age. This hotel also benefits from a fantastic jumbo spa pool, private gardens, three fantastic restaurants and live entertainment five nights a week. Virgin Holidays are offering this fantastic, all-inclusive break for seven nights for only £1,436 per person.

  • Virgin Holidays

    Another fantastic all inclusive holiday from Virgin is the seven night stay at Escape the Gap for only £884 per person. This is a fantastic all-inclusive resort, brilliantly located at St Lawrence Gap and is only five minutes from some of the best bars and restaurants and the island’s best nightlife. This holiday package provides guests with all of their meals, all of their drinks; including alcohol and cocktails and all hotel activities too!

So, if you are planning a visit to the wonderful island Barbados, then check out these Barbados holidays that are on offer and find the one that's right for you!

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