Oslo: A Holiday by the Fjord

A city bordered by lakes, hills, and forests, Oslo is at once business district, cultural hub, historical centre, shopping quarter, and nature reserve. Reader's Digest has ranked Norway’s capital 2nd among the world’s greenest, most liveable cities in 2007; just the place for a holiday.

Visitors can take a peek into Oslo’s seafaring past at the Viking Ship Museum. The powerful Scandinavian warriors were able to raid entire villagers with the help of their well-designed ships, some of which are on display, excellently preserved from the 9th century. The Historical Museum is another place to learn about the Viking Age, and the wood-carved animal-head posts are among the most interesting artefacts here.

The Fram Museum also offers fascinating nautical tales. Home to the most famous ship used for polar expeditions, the Fram, guests can climb aboard and learn about the hardships and challenges voyagers endure while crossing the Arctic.

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Guests can cruise the waters themselves during the annual Oslo Fjord and Coast Culture Festival, a weekend event with entertainment and exhibitions for the whole family, and a regatta to top it off.

Not to be missed on an Oslo holiday is Vigeland Park, named after Norway’s greatest sculptor, Gustav Vigeland. The Wheel of Life is captivating, with figures of men, women, and children linked to one another, a representation of one’s journey from birth to death, and even eternity.

An Oslo holiday offers more wonders in the Norwegian Museum of Magic, where the entrance is free. See the Scream at the Munch Museum, a tribute to Expressionist painter Edvard Munch.

Oslo offers a lot of outdoor activities too, like skiing, kayaking, and island-hopping. One can try dog-sledding, go on a safari, or hike by the Akerselva River.

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