Our pick of Orlando villas

A holiday in Orlando Florida will mean plenty of fun and entertainment for all the members of your family. There are oodles of hotels located in and around the Orlando area. However, if you're planning an Orlando holiday, particularly with the whole family, consider renting a private villa. Villa accommodation tends to have more more personal and living space, giving both the kids and adults enough room to relax and have fun. After a long day in the theme parks, you'll be more than happy to be able to benefit from the peace and privacy of a villa. It's no surprise that many families now choose to stay in Orlando villas when on holiday in the area.

There are plenty of villas to rent in and around Orlando. Villas come in all shapes and sizes, with a variety of facilities. Your choice of villa will depend on the size of your family, what facilities you want (e.g. swimming pool, games rooms, jacuzzi, etc), proximity to certain sights or theme parks, and your budget. Villas vary greatly in size, usually ranging from 3 bedrooms up to a whopping seven bedrooms! You can choose from basic options to high-end luxury pads.

Because many of the villas for rent in Orlando are privately owned, the best way to search for them is on the internet. There are a number of websites dedicated to offering private family villas in Orlando. Villa Orlando Florida has a wide range of high quality privately owned villas in the area, all within close proximity to the top attractions - Disney's Magic Kingdom, Sea World, Universal Studios, etc. Holiday Villas is one of the leading operators of luxury family villa rental in the Orlando area. Be sure to check their site for seasonal offers.

Make the most of your Orlando family holiday with a stay in a private villa.

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