Our guide to Disney World holidays in Orlando

If you're looking for fun in the sun with plenty to do, you might want to check out some Orlando holidays at Florida's Walt Disney World Resort.

We've picked out a couple of great ideas that'll have your kids reaching for their suitcases!

  • All Star Resort - For children of all ages, this fantastic resort has three hotels, a giant Herbie the Love Bug car, and puppies from 101 Dalmatians to play with! For the athletic types, the sports section has five themed areas - American football, baseball, basketball, tennis and surfing - while the music quarter buildings feature giant guitars and saxophones. Just as you'd imagine, the resort is family friendly throughout with Disney themed shops and casual dining areas offering pasta, burgers, salads and other snacks. Perhaps your kids will learn to swim on this holiday,with six swimming pools to choose from along with children's wet play area. And after a day's activities, they can nod off with a bedtime story courtesy of the in-room TV.
  • Pop Century Resort - Both funky and fab, this resort will wow parents as much as kids, with its celebration of the 20th century! Reminisce about your favourite fads and fashions with the colourful jukeboxes and giant Rubik's Cube, while it's natural to get all emotional about the models of Disney characters from generations past. We particularly love the slogans of yesteryear that you - or your folks - used to say! Kids will enjoy the Hippy Dippy pool and fountain, not to mention the range of snacks and meals in the food court, morning noon and night.

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