Orlando: America's Playground

Orlando, Florida was once referred to as “the Wild South”; like its counterpart in the West, it was once cattle country, where the primary activities were cattle rustling, gunfighting, gambling, and fighting off Indians! But thanks to the entry of the railways, and the growth of its citrus industry, Orlando has become one of the biggest and most important cities in the US, as well as your next holiday destination.

In fact, it’s the third most visited destination in the US, mainly because of the 95 theme parks and attractions that you can find there. Disneyworld, Universal Studios, and SeaWorld are all must-see destinations on your Orlando holiday that’ll bring out the child in you, and leave you wide-eyed and breathless!

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For nature lovers, Orlando offers the Central Florida Zoo -- an intimate park with a very impressive collection of rare animals from around the world, and Gatorland with its famous “Gator Jumparoo” show, where large alligators jump out of the water to retrieve food!

The nightlife on your Orlando holiday is just as action-packed. You’ll find dozens of clubs at the Universal City Walk, and there’s bound to be one that caters to your musical tastes. With its eight themed night clubs, Pleasure Island promises enough entertainment to satisfy any fancy – jazz music, hardcore dancing, live bands, stand-up comedy acts – you name it!

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