Original London Walks

London is not all about style and elegance. Beneath the city’s royal statuesque, stories both fascinating and terrifying lurk in the corners and alleyways—tales of Jack the Ripper, paranormal episodes, and even Harry Potter. Tourists can relive these stories via Original London Walks, a collection of walking tours that allow visitors unique London holidays in just a couple of steps—one enthralling story at a time.

Jack the Ripper Walk. From 1888 to 1891, gruesome murders haunted Whitechapel, a crowded inner city district in London. In a span of two years, mutilated and eviscerated bodies were discovered one after another—and all killings were believed to have been committed by one man: Jack the Ripper. In this extraordinary walk, tourists travel back to the time when Jack the Ripper lurked behind each nook and cranny, waiting for his next victim. The tour starts every night at 7:30 in Tower Hill, traverses through a back alley into a dark hideaway, and explores the rest of Whitechapel, passing through each victim’s house. While walkers imagine the haunting images, the guide and author of the book The Complete Jack the Ripper, Donald Rumbelow, lays out the details of the murders and their mystery. The walk ends at an old, spooky Victorian pub, where some of Jack’s victims have drunk.

Ghost Walks. Another spine-tingling journey, London’s ghost walks take travellers to a different realm—a world where ghosts and mystifying beings dominate. Actor guides make the walks memorable with amazing storytelling.

  • Apparitions, Alleyways & Ale Walk. On Monday nights, Apparitions, Alleyways & Ale walk takes off, with tourists surveying hidden nooks, shadowy crannies, and gas-lit alleys. The tour weaves its way through the West End’s strange incidents, including the Strangler Jacket occurrence, where persons almost choked to death by wearing a jacket that was supposedly haunted.
  • Ghosts of the Old City Walk. This walking tour is a probe of the city’s shadowy backstreets and dimly lit alleys: Aldersgate, Cloth Fair, Charterhouse, and Threadneedle. Amidst the sightseeing, terrifying possibilities abound, such as hearing the chain rattles of the dark figure in Newgate, and seeing the She Wolf of France gliding through the churchyard, as well as the Black Nun doing her lonely “vigil.”
  • Ghosts, Gaslight & Guinness Walk. Scary stories, gloomy bends, and dark silhouettes make up this nerve-jangling tour, which takes off on Wednesday nights.

  • Haunted London. On this tour, old, cobwebbed streets and narrow alleys intensify tourists’ fears as they explore London’s creepiest places. It is available on Friday nights at 7:30.

Harry Potter Walks. Relive the magic and adventure in this unforgettable tour especially meant for kids and fanatics! Hop along with your own Harry Potter gang in this taxi tour, and explore the famous Harry Potter locations: Gringotts Wizarding Bank, the Knight Bus bridge, the Flying Car crime scene, Platform 9 ¾ and more!

Special Walks. These walks are interesting alternatives for those not in the mood for horror or fantasy. Get your fill of London art, food, and history with these special walking tours: The History of Art Course; Foodies’ London: The West End; Thames Beachcombing: 10,000 Years of History beneath Your Feet; and Paved with Gold: Some of the Richest, the Wickedest and the Oddest of London.

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