Opulence and luxury at London’s Ritz: this week only!

Gone are the days when British cuisine was considered to be teetering just on the right side of bland. We now have our fair share of Michelin starred restaurants and top notch chefs and there’s nowhere quite like the UK capital to experience a massive variety of excellent dishes.

With the London Restaurant Festival (LRF) in full swing it’s a great time to visit the swinging city and join in the citywide celebration of eating out. And why not go for the best? Lastminute.com has an offer on this week of a two course meal in the Ritz’s recently refurbished Rivoli Bar (pictured) for just £25.

Enjoy fine dining, elegant surroundings and impeccable service in the hotel’s Art Deco style bistro bar. This must be one of the best deals around and a unique chance for the cash strapped to dine at the majestic Ritz.

The LRF will continue until the 17th of October, so be sure to visit their site, londonrestaurantfestival.com, to get a run down on events. New this year is a tapas tour for finest tastes of Spain.

Lastminute.com has teamed up with the LRF and has a number of offers available with restaurant meal deals starting from just £10 for 2 courses. So if you feel like a change of scene and love food, head for the capital’s LRF and indulge in a night of nosh!

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