Online bookings: a second chance

If, when making an online flight reservation, your scroll down menu seems to have a life of its own and you end up booking a return ticket to Riga instead of Rimini, never fear. You are not alone. Nearly a fifth of air passengers have made a mistake when booking a flight on line, according to the Air Transport Users Council (AUC), The Telegraph reports.

It’s an expensive mistake however, and not easy to fix. Any changes in flight details, including a change of name, incur a charge which varies according to the airline. You must also pay the difference between the cost of the original fare and the new one. It’s often as expensive as simply writing off the mistake and purchasing another ticket.

The airlines claim that without these charges, agents could buy tickets when they are at their cheapest, then sell them on at a profit when fares rise. They also point out that passengers have the opportunity to double-check details as they go through the process of booking online.

‘True’, we sigh, having failed to pick up our mistake until just a split second after finalizing the process. ‘But if I could only go back…’

Now, with the help of the AUC this might just be possible. They want passengers to have the right to make changes or claim a refund within a day of booking, paying only a small charge for an adjustment.

'We believe that such a rule would greatly benefit passengers while not causing airlines to lose out financially,' says James Fremantle of the AUC.

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