One night in Paris (The city, yeesh)

There are many great hotels in Paris but few offer the quality and price that the Hotel Doisy offers. Head over to the doisy website and lets get things started. The hotel is located in the Ternes district and with cafes and shops all around you are perfectly placed to enjoy a real Parisian experience. The rooms are modern and cosy and offer everything you would expect from a high class hotel. All the rooms have air conditioning and are fully soundproofed so you can sleep easily. With an LCD T.V a mini bar and wifi you don't need much more to keep you entertained.

You can expect the full French treatment as far as eating goes. With some truly beautiful dishes you can enjoy a beautiful breakfast and an authentic Parisian dinner. Enjoy a drink and unwind in the lobby bar before it's off to bed for a great nights sleep.

The Doisy is an amazing hotel and is a great way to experience Paris, be sure to check it out.

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