One for the lads

What adds the icing on this snowy, blue-eyed cake is all the men look like they escaped from the Shire in The Lord of the Rings - speaking of, the landscape in Iceland is the only thing that comes close to other 'sights' on offer.

You can catch lava flow bubbling out of Mount Krafla near Lake Myvatn, and if there in the winter, you’ll witness the Northern Lights to round off the view – they're spectacular. But to more important matters, once you’ve done your Discovery Channel bit head straight for Reykjavik, the city that in winter is doused in never-ending night and packed with darkly cynical citizens.

After you’ve thawed out at the public thermal pools, get your glad rags on and head into town.

The stretch at the bottom of the hill that runs towards the man-made lake is where it all happens in Reykjavik. A couple of doors down from Café Rosenberg you’ve got all the bars and clubs you’ll need.

If you see Bjork, run the other way, but if you happen across that lovely bunch, Sigur Ros then dive straight in – they have a penchant for taking their clothes off.

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