On the ground tips to help you save money next time you travel.

Inside knowledge can make a big difference to how much you spend once you get to your destination. Keeping the cost of a short break within budget isn’t only about finding the lowest flight and hotel price. There’s a lot you can do once you get to your chosen spot to save your hard-earned money.

‘When in Rome do as the Romans do’ is a wise old saying. If you see the locals in Paris, Rome and Barcelona having a drink or eating breakfast standing at the bar, that’s because it’s cheaper than sitting at a table. Perching on a stool at the bar to rest your feet can save you around 50 cents per drink.

Eat your main meal at lunchtime when you can take advantage of excellent specials that are not available in the evening. Perhaps Spanish cities offer the best deals, with three course lunches including wine for around £9.00. Fixed price lunchtime menus are also available in France. Remember, large tips are not expected.

Entry fees to museums can be pricey so check out times when the larger museums and galleries are free. The Louvre (www.louvre.fr) in Paris is free on the first Sunday of the month, as is the Picasso Museum (www.museupicasso.bcn.cat) in Barcelona. New York's Museum of Modern Art (www.moma.org) is free on Fridays from 4-8pm, reports the Daily Mail. If you’re under 18 or over 65, entry to state-owned museums and archaeological sites is free in Rome.

Choose your tourist pass carefully. The Roma Pass (www.romapass.it) is worthwhile, giving you free admission to the first two museums/archaeological sites you visit, discounts at others, and the use of public transport over three days, for £21. The Chorus Pass (www.chorusvenezia.org) gives you entry to 16 fee-charging churches in Venice for £8.50, while the Articket (www.articketbcn.org) covers admission to seven of Barcelona's top museums and galleries for £18.50.

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