Perfect Low Cost on the Beach Holidays

Many people want to get away from the UK in the months after summer and, with cheap flights throughout most of the year to a wide selection of different destinations, there's really no reason not to. Even in the middle of winter, there are perfect destinations for on the beach holidays which don't have to cost an arm and a leg.

Travelling in the off-season is a good way to save money and get away from the British winter. Many hotels are cheaper and the package tour companies tend to offer some good deals at that time of year.

If you prefer to book your own on the beach holidays and choose your own accommodation rather than taking a package tour, check out Ryanair.com or Easyjet.com. Ryanair's prices vary greatly, and it's a good idea to book well in advance. Prices start from £22.99 to Ibiza from London Stanstead and £47.99 to the three main islands of the Canary Islands, also from Stansted. Ryanair also flies from many other UK cities to these destinations.

Thomson.co.uk is one place to start looking if you prefer a package tour. Package tours require far less planning and can offer generous savings as well. The company is providing generous discounts for September and October as well.

Thomson provides everything from luxury holidays, holidays for families and holidays for couples. Some good deals can be had as well, such as their package holiday to Antalya, Turkey which costs as little as £362 per person (based on two sharing) for seven nights. This price is all-inclusive as well, so you won't need much in the way of extra spending money.

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