On the foodies trail in Sweden.

When you think of a foodies’ holiday destination you probably think of France or Italy, or indeed anywhere where they offer that wonderful Mediterranean diet. So you might wonder why foodies are also heading to Sweden. We’ll tell you!

There’s an abundance of fish off Sweden’s west coast which historically brought wealth to the area and it continues to offer delicacies known as Sweden’s west coast’s ‘big five’, namely oysters, prawns, lobster, crayfish and mussels. So fish lovers can have a ball!

There are plenty of excellent restaurants where you can sample local culinary delights, some on the islands just off the mainland which are easily reached by bridge links or ferry.

Try the traditional Grand Hotel (www.grandmarstrand.se) on the island of Marstrand, a 40 minute drive north of Gothenburg for crayfish and lobster or sample some contemporary design along with fresh seafood at sleek Salt and Sill (www.saltosill.se) on Klädesholmen island a little further north.

For another gourmet experience try smoked prawns at Astols Rökeri (www.astolsrokerie.se) on the island of Astol or lobster and oysters at Petersons Krog (www.petersonskrog.se) on Karingon island.

And if you’re seriously into fish, ‘sea safaris’ are popular and available at this time of year. Go out with the fishermen, learn about marine life, listen to their anecdotes about life on the waves and feast on seafood to boot! Visit www.evertssjobod.se for details of safari packages.

British Airways (www.be.com) flies direct to Gothenburg, Sweden’s second largest city, Easy Jet (www.easyJet.com) from London Gatwick and Manchester and Ryanair (www.ryanaiar.com) from London Stansted and Edinburgh.

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