Oldies but goodies: 3 traditional things to do in London that are absolutely free.

London has always been renowned for its quirky avant-garde fashion and trend-setting life style, but there are also some truly traditional must-see stops to experience, and the beauty of it is that they are absolutely free. In fact, there’s arguably no city in the world that has more free stuff to do. The list could go on forever so we’ve chosen three of our old favourites from a BBC list.

Visit Greenwich's best attraction, the National Maritime Museum, an imposing neoclassical building with a focus on Britain's seafaring past the children will love. Attractions include the bullet that felled Horatio Nelson, a replica of Ernest Shackleton's life boat and plenty of fun interactive exhibits.

Another must-see draw is the Victoria and Albert Museum which houses an amazing 4.5 million objects, making it the jewel in the crown of museums. Be prepared to be wowed from start to finish. The first floor displays Japanese swords, ancient Chinese ceramics and plaster casts Michelangelo used for his David. There’s a photography collection comprising half a million images, and the Ardabil Carpet in the Jameel Gallery is one of the world's oldest, dating from 1500s Iran.

The Tate Modern may be one of the city's most beloved attractions, but its older counterpart, Tate Britain is worth a visit too, with British masterpieces from the 16th to late 20th Centuries plus exciting visiting exhibitions. There are one-hour thematic tours and 15-minute talks on painters and paintings, all for free.

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