Old World Charm in Modern Lisbon

Exploring Lisbon is always a fascinating adventure, with its mix of various architectural styles: Romanesque, Gothic, Baroque, Manueline, Traditional Portuguese, Modern, and Post-Modern; some of these buildings and churches even date back to Roman times and the Crusades.

First stop, the Belém Tower, which is a Gothic monument of Portuguese power, from where many expeditions to the New World departed during the Age of Discoveries. The architecture is of Manueline style or Portuguese late Gothic, with the Tower standing 35 metres high with 4 storeys; a chapel is built in on the 4th storey, and the oratory is at the top, offering spectacular views of surrounding landscape.

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For travellers seeking modern thrills on their Lisbon holidays, Bairro Alto, the shopping, entertainment and residential hub of the city, is the place to be; it's the centre of the city’s nightlife, where travellers can explore the local scenes, whether it be Hip-Hop, Metal, Goth, Punk, Reggae, or even Gay.

Tour the city in style by commuting in the charming 1930’s trams; another more adventurous way to explore the neighbourhood is to ride the funiculars or cable railways. There are 3 of them: Elevador de Gloria, Elevador da Bica, and Elevador da Lavra; Elevador da Bica, in particular, offers you a panoramic view of the Bairro Alto neighbourhood.

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