The Best Alternatives to Ola Holidays

Ola Holidays is a tour operator based in the UK and which boasts of catering to approximately 30,000 customers per week. Unfortunately, its website leaves a lot to be desired, as there are no visible navigational links that can get you started on preparing and managing your trip. Also, a lot of troubling news has surfaced in online forums regarding the company’s reliability. Ultimately, if you need to book a holiday, it is best to do so with alternative sites instead.


This website specialises in city breaks, cruises and holiday deals, as well as travel packages for the UK and US. It also offers Disney packages and villa holidays. One of its late deals includes a seven-night trip to Soviva Resort, a 3-star resort in Port El Kantaoui, Tunisia. Customers should be departing from the East Midlands, and rates, which are twin-based, start at £469 per person.


This website encourages customers to book online in order to take advantage of their guaranteed savings. One of their recent offerings is a seven-night trip to Ekati in Corfu, Greece. Rates start at £169 per person, which is based on double occupancy and gives you £124 worth of savings. Flights included in this package will be departing from Gatwick. If you are coming from elsewhere, you can also use the website to book for your flight to Gatwick.

Although these websites are not Ola Holidays, it is a fact you should be more thankful for, as you are less likely to lose your money in cancelled trips with them.

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